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With the idea of creating a place to promote the growth of Golang community in Vietnam, we want to provide Gophers with the latest news and a information hub. By using the user-centric design and highly-detailed visual focus, the website addressed their key object witin a short period of time.

  • IndustryTechnology
  • PlatformsWebsite
  • ServiceBrand IdentityUI Design
  • BudgetLower than $1,000


1. User Goals

  • Trung Quang's avatar picture
    Trung Quang

    He wants to find jobs, read the news and a place to discuss the particular problem about the Go programming language.

  • Phuong Anh's avatar picture
    Phuong Anh

    He wants to find the learning resources, find jobs, events and a place to discuss the particular problem.

2. Our Goals

Community expansion

Increase the number of members in Vietnamese Slack channel for Golang

Materials Provision

Promote a main place for Vietnamese Gophers to update relevant news, event informations and upgrade level by finding suitable materials as books, etc.

Career building

Introduce companies and groups using Golang in Vietnam and connect them to prominent members

3. Solutions

A. Questions to Answers

After we conduct the research on target users and get the understandings about the value proposition from our clients, we ask some more questions to reassess our thinkings and make sure the team and our client sharing the same ideas of proposed features as well as the look and feel that the website concludes.

  • What do they get?
    • Forum
    • Resources
    • News
    • Jobs
    • Events
  • Why do they need it?
    • Forum
      • Discuss problems
      • Connect with other members
    • Resources
      • Find out materials
      • Increase knowledge base
    • News
      • Update information
      • Update level
    • Jobs
      • Find Golang jobs easily
      • Find potential candidates to join the company or groups
    • Events
      • Update Golang events quickly in Vietnam
B. Emotions
  • Confidence
  • Elegant
  • Informative


1. Brand Identity

A. Logo

Logo is a key element of the brand system. We designed a logo based on GopherCon logo that deputizes for Golang Community in Vietnam. Localization is one main goal of this project, so localizing the logo is a must.

Mixing ethnic concept to existing branding object to add some enticement to the well-known visual experience. What can present Vietnamese culture than our traditional custom? “Ao dai” just came to our mind instantly, and the infamous Gopher wearing ao dai was born.

B. Publications

Publication branding of Golang includes stickers, member card, T-shirt, standee, backdrop and agenda.

2. User Interface

We believe every business needs a great website. We designed a website for Golang Vietnam that is simple, easy to use, that attracts the right customers. Style of the website is elegant, clean. One of the trends in 2018 is the usage of full-screen background images. It supports the feeling of the integrity of all the layout elements. So we applied them to our website.

A. Mini website
B. Website


Han NgoFounder of Golang Vietnam

“Dwarves Design’s consistent performance, and efficiency showed us a strong sense of professionalism that help us turn an idea to a product surpassing our expectation.”

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