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Desmond Goh - a young dentist in Singapore, found it’s hard to find a dentist job, recruit an intern for his clinic, search for dentist courses and events information, or connect to other dentists. He noticed that there wasn’t any community for Dentist in his country. Therefore, he came to Dwarves with an idea of creating an online marketplace for him and his co-workers, where they can find jobs, CDE Events, equipment for their own clinics and more information about their industry. Furthermore, dentists can register and purchase Events ticket directly.

  • IndustryDentistry
  • PlatformsWebNative app
  • ServiceUX DesignUI DesignLogo Design
  • BudgetLower than $5,000
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1. Missions

After understanding the client’s requirement, we had to face some challenges:

  • Understand dentist market and behaviors
  • Categorize and arrange information, listings…
  • Design a purchase process covering all state of event schedule and including registration forms

2. Problems

  • Not many channels for dentists to find a more simple way to find CDE Events, jobs or some information related to current dentistry
  • Not many channels for dentists to find suppliers to buy dentistry equipments
  • Not many channels for dentists to find courses information in Singapore

3. Solutions

Allow suppliers and eventorganizertopost listings
Update CDEEvents, jobopenings andother news
Create a channel to sellorbuy tickets for dental events

4. Define User

  • Paul's avatar pictureDental SpecialistPaul

    35 years old; Male; MsC in Dentistry; Dental Specialist; Instructor

  • Jasmine's avatar pictureOral Health TherapistJasmine

    23 years old; Female; University; Oral Health Therapist Intern; Fresher Dentistry Instructor

  • Ryan's avatar pictureGeneral Dental SurgeonRyan

    40 years old; Male; MsC; General Dental Surgeon; 10 years


1. Features

One of the difficult problems faced by our team is registering and purchasing events tickets that we had to solve since there were too many scenarios of different events. Through research previous events in Singapore, we summed up about 15 states. After that, we highlighted these main issues:

  • Different ticket price based on purchasing day
  • Different modules of an event
  • Membership
  • Registration information

In Dwarves, we understand how important sketching is. While brainstorming solutions to the above-mentioned problems, we sketched on paper to figure out our ideas. Sketch also helped us discuss more clearly and easily.

2. User Interface

Due to the amount of information to be displayed, the UI phase was centered around creating a clean design, visually easy to process. We optimized the products’ brand colors in Yellow and Grey. Brand’s logo showed the dentistry industry and connection of the dental community.

User interface
A. Logo
Logo 1
Logo 2
B. Indentify ElementsElements
C. Prototype

From various ideas of our team members, we came up with a solution to simplify the purchasing ticket process, which could cover all scenarios.


Desmond GohFounder & CEO of Dental Marketplace

“Dwarves Design provided high-quality design work, from gathering information and requirements to delivering the product. They were very easy to work with, every our question and feedback was explained and resolved well.”

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