BHD Cinema App

Booking BHD cinema's tickets online

Project - Khai Le; Thanh Dao; Tam Le

Project scope

User research
Information architecture
UI design
Interactive prototype


BHD’s new app covers all basic needs of movie-goers, in an intuitive and pleasant way. Meaning, users can easily scan screening schedules, view movie details and book tickets online.


  1. Provide users with information on movies, schedules, locations, promotions all in one space.
  2. Allow users to book and pay for their tickets online.
  3. Convert movie-goers into BHD fanatics. When it comes to movies, BHD comes to mind first.

The challenges

The new design needs to change users’ current perception of BHD app, by providing users with a seamless and straight-forward experience.


UI design


Avenir Next
Booking a movie should be easy
Booking a movie should be easy
Booking a movie should be easy
Booking a movie should be easy

Color Palette


Home screen - Schedule

What movies are play at the theater? Is that movie too long to watch? Providing answers to these common questions is the top priority of this screen. The old one didn’t offer these info and our proposed solutions are:

  1. A bigger and better transition effect for movie carousel to make the browsing more enjoyable
  2. Eye-catching CTA button to encourage booking
  3. Moving the promotion banners beneath movies to priorize the main task

Movie details

Finding more info helps users decide if a movie fits them. Movie details were structured in a way which users can scan through easily. A clear Book now button always stays at the bottom of the screen allows fast booking without having to scroll.


When picking a showtime, it is important to group them by the order: time - location - type of theater. Must-have data is also highlighted for best scanning:

  • Date of the showtime - today as the default state, going back to the previous days is not permitted to prevent mistakes.
  • City in which the cinemas locate - only 3 cities available so showing all should be better than hidden in a combo box.
  • Start time - optimized with horizontal scroll to help user perceive info and make their booking decision quickly.

Transaction history

Users can keep track of their tickets, as well as their orders arranged by latest to oldest for quick navigation.

Orders are also indicated with different statuses to prevent missing pick-ups.

Digital ticket with QR code. Scan and enter the movie, go green with less paper waste.

Book by cinema

Some users might want to find the nearest cinema to go to, regardless of which movies are shown. Therefore, showtime of movies are fully shown in one screen.

Now, only two steps needed to select a seat.

Our theaters

Movie-goers can explore many types of theaters provided by BHD ranging from Standard to Special. List of theaters presented with real photos brings a hint of what they would enjoy. Card component is used to display list of theaters and news to retain consistency in style.

Khai LeVP of Design
Thanh DaoVisual Designer
Tam LeUX Designer