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We’re on a mission to create a sustainable tomorrow. We are dedicated to empower businesses through tactical, intelligent and beautiful design solutions.

The Dwarven Principles

Design solutions that add to financial growth of a business

The AARRR framework helps us analyze business models, define funnels and validate revenue streams. Thus, every design decision we put out tights closely to business sustainability. Your vision and goal guide our work.


The Dwarvish Magic

Relatable and emotional

Don Norman, one of our favorite authors, said people react to visual experiences in three levels: visceral, behavioral and reflective.

The visual language and interactions we build during viscaral and behavioral level helps us cultivate love, trust and other emotions from customers. This is where our Dwarvish magic sparks. We follow Gestalt rules to really understand our customer needs, their psychological essentials and create beatiful UI which people can emotionally connect with.


Wholeheartedly crafted

BHD Cinema App

BHD’s new app covers all basic needs of movie-goers, in an intuitive and pleasant way. Meaning, users can easily scan screening schedules, view movie details and book tickets online.


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